How far away can you go from doing the task and still do it

Researching supportive tools for creativity using an improvisational framework

8th of July 2016

Laban Studio Theatre, London – Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Duration of Event – 20:30-21:30

The performer’s practice consists of:

20:30 Ritual: Label, Un-label and Relabel
20:40 Improvisation: How far away can you go from doing the task and still do it?
Task: To sing a song
21:15 Discussion

It is a frame for the unlikely and the unexpected.

The improvisation practice “How far away can you go from doing the task and still do it” is inspired by Mary Overlie’s practice “Doing the Unnecessary”.

“Doing the Unnecessary [is a practice] where [the] performer does everything but the task at hand. […] The fun is in how close you can come without doing it, or how far afield you might stray and still keep the connection to the task.”
Dancers: Caitlin Murray, Katherine Whale and Fergus Alexander McIntosh

The Graduat School Showcase
Across two weeks, the Faculty of Dance presents new work from artists studying across its Masters programmes. The work is experimental and investigative in nature, drawing upon collaborative and interdisciplinary practices, arising from choreographic and performance-making research.

The showcase features events in different sites and spaces and does not follow traditional theatre programming. Audiences can expect to encounter work in a variety of performance settings.

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